Foodie confessions


“Hi, my name is Renée and I am a foodie”

“Hello Renée” ( in unison the whole imaginary food addict support group greets me)

All kidding aside, I love food. I love to eat. Problem is the food I love to eat makes me fat. You won’t see me salivating over a bell pepper salad. Nope. The foods you have to eat in serious moderation, those I can eat 3 times a day plus snacks and even then you can wake me in the middle of the night for more. Pasta with a generous helping of pesto sauce. Golden chunky fries with spicy saté sauce. Grilled cheese sandwiches with lots of honey mustard. A large wholeweat sandwich spread with a large dollop of yoghurt-mayonaise, soft brie, gerkins, tomatoes and topped with potato chips. I could go on and on.

And I have.

So much so that now I am an unhealthy size 50 (Eu) / 22 (UK) / 20 (US). In weight that translates to 105 kilo / 16.5 stone / 231 pounds.

Exercise? Ha, don’t make me laugh. I cycle to and from work each day. That’s 20 minutes on a bike twice a day. That’s it. Oh, and I have to go up 2 flights of stairs to reach my apartment. My job is a 70% sitting down situation. Pretty sad huh?

But no more. That’s it. NO MORE ! Yes, I said that out loud.

I’m going grocery shopping for healthy items. Next week menu for the first 3 days will contain a healthy Greek feta salad and garlic bread, pasta with a homemade veggie tomato sauce, green beans with herbal soy bits and a little light version of satey sauce. Snacks will be frozen grapes, frozen pineapple and fresh made smoothies from soy milk with fresh or frozen fruit.

As for the exercise, I will walk (not run) in a sturdy pace around my island. That should be around 40 minutes. I’ll try and do that 3 times a week starting tomorrow. The other 4 days I shall try my hand at doing sit ups and push ups. Oh my word, what am I saying!

My goal is to drop 5 sizes and go to size 40 (Eu) / 12 (UK) / 10 (US) by summer 2014! Why summer 2014? I am saving up to go to San Francisco for 2 weeks in September or October. To celebrate my big Five O.  A milestone birthday. I would hate it if a stewardess would tell me I could not fly because of my weight. 15 months to go and counting down. Wish me luck?


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